About Us – Our guiding beliefs

We enjoy what we do for and with our clients and take pleasure in working with interesting people. This means you will find us refreshingly down to earth and easy to work with.


We have strong beliefs about how a financial planning business should operate and care for its clients. We imprint these beliefs on everything we do. We believe:

  • That we have no right to tell you what to do with your money until we know about you. Our value to you is in providing accurate, technical advice which is tailored towards achieving your dreams and goals. This means we place great significance on long term relationships.
  • Our clients should know the truth about their money and what it will or will not allow them to do. We can then help them to make the choices that are right for them. This means we place great significance on long-term relationships.
  • Our clients should benefit from our shared experience – this means that we work as a team. Each client has a lead advisor but the team share the work meaning we all understand our clients really well.
  • In a fiduciary standard of care – this ensures we always place your interests ahead of our own.
  • In being independent – this ensures our clients get the advice that is right for them. RockWealth LLP has no ties to any investment house, bank or insurance company.
  • In being contactable – there is no limit on the number of phone calls, meetings or discussions a client can have with RockWealth LLP. Clients can reach us at all reasonable times with access to our telephone and mobile numbers.
  • That the only people who should pay us are our clients – for this reason we are “fee only”. We do not take commissions from third parties.
  • In creating and maintaining an environment that supports learning and personal development – this is one of the reasons we have been accredited as a firm of Chartered Financial Planners by the CII.
  • We should only work for with people for whom we can add significant value to.
  • That our clients should enjoy their financial planning experience.
  • We are good at what we do.

The heart of our business is our people, our values and our culture.

Recent Awards and Certifications

certified ifa

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Process & Fees

  • First meeting

    We offer all new clients an initial meeting, which is at our expense and without any obligation.
    This can take place at our offices, at your home or place of business or another convenient location.

  • Advice


    Not all firms charge for their services in the same way.  We offer a variety of payment methods by which we can be remunerated so that you can select the method that best suits your needs.

    Our fees are based upon the time required to provide the advice and service to you, the level of expertise and responsibility involved and the considerable intellectual capital supporting the advice you receive.

    Our advice process is made up of clear steps, mirrored in our fee structure, to ensure complete transparency and objectivity at every stage of our on-going relationship with you.  To reinforce that transparency, we are committed to a fee-paying advice model.  That means you will always know what our service will cost you.

    We will not charge you anything until we have agreed how you choose to pay us.

    Initial discovery consultation

    We offer an initial discovery consultation free of charge.

    Research & recommendation service

    Your ‘research and recommendation’ fee for this service is a fixed minimum of £500.  This is due on delivery of your ‘Financial Master Plan’ containing our recommendations for you on the matter in hand.  For more complicated advice, we reserve the right to charge a higher fee agreed with you in advance.

    Policy arrangement & implementation services

    We work on a fixed fee basis in most circumstances.  We may also offer you a time cost estimate subject to a minimum of £1,500 should you request this.  We will not exceed our typical fee without checking with you first.


    Investment Account / Individual Savings Account (ISA) / Investment Consolidation

    £2,000 plan arrangement & implementation fee.


    Pension Planning / Pension Consolidation

    £2,500 plan arrangement & implementation fee for up to 5 pension plans (£500 per additional plan).

    Pension Drawdown

    £2,000 plan arrangement & implementation fee.


    £2,000 policy arrangement & implementation fee.

    Company Pension Schemes / Auto Enrolment

    £2,000 scheme arrangement & implementation fee (up to 10 employees).

    £2,500 scheme arrangement & implementation fee (10 – 20 employees).

    £3,500 scheme arrangement & implementation fee (20 – 50 employees).

    We can also provide ‘employee surgeries’ on a bespoke basis.

    Tax planning

    Inheritance Tax Planning

    £4,500 plan arrangement & implementation fee.

    Tax Planning Investments – EISs and VCTs

    £2,500 plan arrangement & implementation fee.


    £250 top up fee for any existing investment or pension plan.

    (This will be waived where £200,000 of investments are already managed by RockWealth LLP).


    £2,000 plan arrangement & implementation fee.

    (Any commission received from the insurer will be used to cover advice and implementation costs.  The difference is payable by you ‘the client’).

    Please note that our fees will be higher in some cases depending on the complexity and scope of the advice we are delivering.  We will always tell you exactly how much you will pay before you agree to proceed with our services.

    Payment can either be taken from your investments upon receipt by the provider or paid directly by you.

  • Compare us with other IFAs and Wealth managers

    We are sometimes asked how our fees compare with our competitors. We expect not to be either the cheapest or the most expensive.

    For example if we charged an advice fee of £2,500 we would expect to be cheaper than many of our peers if they charge 3% for an investment of £83,334 or more.

    Many IFAs and restricted advisers do not charge separately for the Advice and Implementation but bundle the price together which you only pay if you buy an investment, pension or protection product. Only you can decide if this is truly independent advice and right for you.

  • Ongoing Service


    At RockWealth LLP we foster and develop long-standing, collaborative relationships with our clients.  This involves regularly reviewing your financial plans, and evolving and sustaining your strategies in response to on-going legal and fiscal changes.

    We will agree separately the level of on-going services at the time of, or prior to, making our recommendation(s) to you.  Typically, our costs are 0.75% per annum and are based on the value of your investment(s) at each 12-month anniversary, and are paid pro-rata in arrears.

    The amount you pay will fluctuate with the value of your investment; if your investment increases in value the amount you pay us will also increase and if your investment falls in value the amount you pay us will reduce.  Any change to the level of services throughout this agreement will result in a pro-rata charge being applied.

    Should you decide to cancel our agreement to provide on-going services you must provide written confirmation of your decision and we will cease your payments for these services within 7 business days and after collection of any due proportion of any period charges.

    All charges listed above can be deducted from your investments or paid directly by you. You should note that when paid through the investments it may reduce your personal tax thresholds and/or exemption levels.  Where this happens we will discuss it with you and confirm it in your suitability report.