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will iht affect me

Will IHT affect me? Families shying away from difficult conversations If you have significant assets, you may be wondering whether Inheritance Tax (IHT) affects you. Worryingly, some families appear to be shying away from difficult conversations, as almost half (47%) of UK adults say they have never discussed inheritance matters, according to new research[1]. IHT receipts […]

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Planning for Inheritance Tax


With careful planning and professional financial advice, it is possible to take preventative action to either reduce your beneficiaries’ potential Inheritance Tax bill or mitigate it out altogether. 1. Make a Will A vital element of effective estate planning is to make a Will – unfortunately, a significant number of adults with children under 18 […]

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Paying Inheritance Tax

paying iht

Estimating how much liability you could leave behind for your loved ones Usually the ‘executor’ of the Will or the ‘administrator’ of the estate pays Inheritance Tax using funds from the estate. An executor is a person named in the Will to deal with the estate – there can be more than one. An administrator […]

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Trust Solutions

Managing wealth We can advise you on a range of different trust solutions, each designed with a particular purpose in mind. Some types of trust are treated differently for Inheritance Tax purposes. Bare trusts These are where the assets in a trust are held in the name of a trustee but go directly to the beneficiary, who […]

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Exempt Gifts

exempt gifts

Passing on parts of your estate  There are some important exemptions that allow you to legally pass your estate on to others, both before and after your death, without it being subject to Inheritance Tax. Exempt beneficiaries You can give things away to certain people and organisations without having to pay any Inheritance Tax. These […]

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Inheritance tax ‘Nil Rate Band’ and rates

inheritance tax cheltenham

Is it time to evaluate your estate? We can help you evaluate the size of your estate—which could include assets such as property, pensions, shares and personal property—and identify the opportunities that will help you avoid or reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your family will have to pay on your estate and enable you […]

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