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financially secure retirement

Are you on track to a financially secure retirement future?

When you are at the point of retiring, the new pension freedoms have opened up all sorts of alternative strategies to…

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Pension and investment scams

Protecting yourself from scams

Fraudsters are using sophisticated ways to part savers from their money Pension and investment scams are on the increase in the…

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financial future

Your money, your choice

Supporting your future financial requirements You can pay into as many pension schemes as you want; it depends on how much…

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saving for retirement

One in eight will retire with no pension in 2018

Excuses to avoid facing the difficult work of saving for retirement Retirement is one of our biggest financial challenges. As with…

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retirement knowledge

Are you sleepwalking into retirement poverty?

Lack of pension knowledge among UK adults The UK’s middle-aged workers could be sleepwalking into retirement poverty. Four in ten people…

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financial goals

7 pension tips for nurturing your nest egg in 2018

Helping you realise your financial goals We’ve now entered a new age of retirement planning with the introduction of pension freedoms….

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Millennial pensions

Millennial outlook

Pension saving high up on the list of workplace priorities Workers from the so-called ‘millennial generation’ are putting pension saving high…

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cheltenham ifa services

Get ‘wrapped’ up

Autonomy to make your own investment decisions Some people don’t want a pension company deciding how their pension savings are invested…

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increase pension

Turbocharge your pension

Will you be able to afford the retirement lifestyle you want? If you’re still working, what kind of life would you…

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pension savings gap

UK pension savings gap

The need for a greater awareness of what must be saved today If savers want a particular standard of living at…

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better pension deal

Shopping around for a better pension deal

Consumers lost £130 million by sticking with the same pension provider in 2016 New research finds consumers could be missing out…

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Pensions revolution

Awareness and understanding amongst the public still remains low 6 April 2017 marked the anniversary of both the new State Pension…

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retirement age

Working 9 to 5

Almost three quarters of employees expect to work beyond the traditional retirement age The proportion of UK employees who say they…

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retirement choices

Retirement choices

How much time do you spend planning for retirement? The 2015 pension freedoms gave us greater flexibility over our retirement options,…

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Pension time bomb

Planning to prevent the financial equivalent of climate change Millions of workers across the UK could be heading for a significant…

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Personal pensions

Saving tax-efficiently for retirement A personal pension is a type of defined contribution pension. You choose the provider and make arrangements…

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pension annuity

Buying an annuity

A regular retirement income for the rest of your life One way to use your pension pot is to buy an…

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tax relief

Tax relief and pensions

Annual and lifetime limits Tax relief means some of your money that would have gone to the Government as tax goes…

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pension advice

Pension booster

Setting goals for retirement The Set the Right Goals study from Zurich UK found that those who set specific goals for…

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retirement plans

Millions change retirement plans post–EU vote

Turbulence in the economy has left many feeling confused The UK’s decision to leave the EU has left over two million[1]…

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Pension advice cotswolds

Pension power

Take full advantage of tax relief – annual and lifetime limits  Pensions are a highly tax-efficient form of saving, and if…

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pension policies

Forgotten pensions

PENSION POLICIES The extent to which pension policies are being forgotten has been revealed in research from Aviva. A survey of…

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pension money

Freedom to choose

Using your pension money Have you considered all the potential costs of retiring? Some people find their expenses fall once their…

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Consolidate pensions

Consolidating your pension pots

Consolidate pensions What you need to consider to ensure you don’t lose out Have you ever considered moving and consolidating your…

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long term care planning

Long term care planning – Who will care for you in old age?

Making provision in a way that meets your needs and wishes As a population we are living longer, and with an…

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pension reforms

Pension reforms

Pension Reforms: How the lifetime allowance reduction could impact on your retirement savings The Government has introduced comprehensive reforms to the…

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pension advice

Pensioners financially ‘reliant on others’

New research outlines typical financial situations A small number of pensioners are relying on loved ones to help them financially during…

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help on my pension

Pension confusion

Are most people unprepared for retirement? People are still being left confused by pensions, with almost two thirds not understanding their…

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retirement in the cotswolds

Are you fit to retire?

Getting your pension in shape to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want in later life ‘Will I be able to…

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pension changes

Navigating uncharted waters

The impact of further pension changes on the horizon from this April [columns] [box_colored icon_color=”#fff” background=”#331131″ title=””] Pensions have been transformed…

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retirement advice

Realising life-long ambitions

You now have more options than ever before to help you find a solution For many people, retirement now represents an…

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property wealth

Untapped property wealth

4.8 million retirees are ‘going without’ The British would like to have three quarters of their working income in retirement. However,…

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pension savings

Pensioner scams

Financial fraudsters using reforms to target retirees Changes to the pension rules are creating new opportunities for scams. Be cautious of anyone…

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Taxing times

Reduction in the amount those with income of more than £150,000 can contribute tax-free to pensions each year A gradual reduction…

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retirement funding

Changing work patterns

Over-50s retrain for later life retirement funding Nearly two thirds of over-50s workers would consider retraining so they could work longer…

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Pensions tax relief

Budget 2015 – Pensions tax relief

A gradual reduction in tax-free limit on pension contributions from the current £40,000 a year to £10,000 for high earners was…

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pension reforms

With great freedom comes great responsibility

Savers positive about pension reforms but concerned about scams The new pensions freedom rules giving far greater flexibility over what you…

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financial future

Blurred vision of the future

Three quarters of UK adults struggle to picture themselves in retirement UK adults have an average eight-year blind spot when it…

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working after retirement

Are you considering working after retirement?

Two thirds of over-50s plan to lengthen their working lives Nearly two thirds of over-50s workers would consider retraining so they…

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pension advice cheltenham

Who benefits from pensions freedom?

Taking advantage to legally minimise the tax paid The main beneficiaries of the pensions freedom reforms are likely to be those who…

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pensions cheltenham

Pensions freedom

10 things about the wide-ranging pension changes you should know 1) The pension system is completely being overhauled to enable individuals to…

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Trivial commutation – Pension Advice

Taking all of a pension pot as a lump sum When someone reaches retirement, they can take up to 25% of…

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pension benefits

Accessing Pension Benefits

Greater choice and flexibility about how retirees use a pension pot to fund retirement income The 2014 Budget announced major changes to…

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pension freedoms

New pension freedoms

How future retirees may take advantage of their pension lump sums Research showing how retirees use their pension lump sums to…

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Pensions Reform reinforces need for trusted advice

The freedom to do as much or as little as you want with your pension Within the next decade, nearly half…

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retirement income choices

Consumer apathy: new retirement income choices

Many people do not yet fully understand the significance of the new retirement income choices Many of Britain’s over-55s say the massive…

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8 steps retirement

8 Steps to A Brighter Retirement

Would you like a brighter retirement? View our new infographic below. If you have any questions or would like advice on…

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pension tax charges

Pension Tax Charge Abolished Sooner Rather Than Later


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care fees

Care fees burden

Care fees – It’s a fact THAT more of us will require specialist care in our later years Today, the cost…

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pensions decluttering

Pension decluttering

Have you considered tidying up your Pension arrangements? It would appear we are now increasingly becoming a ‘consolidation nation’, with many…

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