We deliver an exceptional service, but don’t just take our word for it!

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a IFA?
Being self-employed and with the new Pensions regulations coming in I wanted to review all aspects of my pensions status and assess the best options specific to my circumstances including alternative savings routes etc.

How did Tim Horrocks help you?
Tim made a complete and thorough review of all my pension and savings details and considered my individual circumstances coming up with several alternatives and a good proposal for the best way forward. He was able to clearly articulate the logic for each area of his review and outline impacts and considerations which allowed me to make a decision on how best to progress feeling comfortable that nothing had been left out.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Part of the service that Tim offers is to actively manage the pensions funding for you and provide annual reviews and advice which enables maximum benefit to the funding scenario to be achieved with minimal input from me which, being self-employed is a massive benefit to my time management.

What could they have done better?
Nothing. My diary is very busy and I travel a lot. Tim showed infinite patience with me as I chopped and changed appointments at the last moment because of other client commitments that I had and provided a top-notch first class service at all points.

Chris Gloucestershire April, 2016

Tim has proved to be an excellent independent financial adviser to my wife and I. He provides thorough, sound advice, supported by a high level of service, and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Peter Denning

Tim Horrocks has been our financial advisor for many years, following the death of Pam’s mother in 2004, when a reasonably large sum was inherited. He gave us excellent advice and practical help in finding the best investment options. Since then, when term deposits came to an end, he was just as helpful in changing the investments. At all times, he has been knowledgeable, considerate, accommodating and has a very pleasant manner.

Pam and Brian Culver / King’s Stanley

With regard to my Pension Investment, I am very happy with the advice you have given me and will continue to use you as a contact with regard to future matters in this field.

P Maconochie

RockWealth has provided personal financial advice to me for several years on a range of different financial needs. His clear explanations have helped me to understand the products available in the market and how these suit my individual needs. His professional approach and high standard of service ensure that I will continue to ask for RockWealths advice and recommendations as well as recommending them to anyone seeking financial advice.

James Perkins

In the two years I’ve known Tim, he’s looked after us incredibly well and is always on hand to discuss any issues or offer advice when requested. We’ve been very happy with the service Tim has offered.

C Miles

I spent 25 years being not happy with the service I got from my pension provider. I always felt I was not getting the best advice or they were working for themselves and not me. That is until I contacted Tim Horrocks. Thankyou for offering the service I expect to be given.

P Dowdeswell

Tim has provided us and our wider family with advice relating to investments and life insurance for a number of years.

We have all been incredibly impressed with Tim’s professionalism and well thought out approach. We have also been delighted to see a fantastic return in monetary terms and cannot recommend him more highly as an expert in his field.

C Baldwin-Jones

We’ve always had a great level of service and RockWealth gives us great confidence. We feel very secure that our financial future is being well looked after.

Mr & Mrs K