Inheritance Tax Planning

An individual’s finances and assets created over a lifetime are understandably precious and treasurable, therefore as the first choice for independent wealth management and financial planning we look very closely at individual tax planning. Our commitment to achieving and surpassing your financial goals means that our experienced partners will look extensively at the ways in which clients can minimise the inheritance tax on their estate.

Effective estate planning is about getting the right balance between maintaining access to your money when you need it and saving tax. This is because, in general, the more tax-efficient a solution is, the less access you have to your assets. Safeguarding your own financial future is very important, and giving too much away could put this at risk.

The best way to avoid paying any IHT is to reduce your estate value to below the current £325,000 IHT threshold, but this is not practical for many people. New changes to pension legislation could also offer a way around IHT. From 6 April 2015, pension pots are now no longer subject to a 55% tax when passed on to loved ones after the saver dies.

Protecting and preserving your wealth

One thing is certain: you should obtain professional financial advice if you have any concerns about how to mitigate IHT. To find out more about our services, or to discuss how we could help you to protect and preserve your wealth

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