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The markets will advance

You have likely thought of or heard of numerous questions about the most recent market performance and the state of the…

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Do nothing

Do nothing

You may have noticed a few scary stories in the financial media lately. In fact it’s hard to know…

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How sexy is your fund manager?

According to the most recent Forbes 400 list which lists the richest people in America, Ray Dalio is worth…

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Saving money for retirement

Private Wealth: Saving money for retirement

Millions struggle to understand their most important source of income in retirement Saving money for retirement is important because you’ll need…

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sense of wonder

Six ways to renew your sense of wonder

I can’t remember much about my school reports, but I do recall a particular comment on my very last…

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Is there a way to anticipate your investing future?

Investing is always unpredictable. The risks and quirks in markets mean that outcomes are never certain. The best we…

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Inflation is no reason to change strategy

We’ve all heard of the distinction between those with a half-glass-full and a half-glass-empty mindset. Generally speaking, life is…

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Familiarity bias

Familiarity bias: the danger of sticking to what we know

A common piece of advice given to aspiring authors is to write about what you know. The idea here…

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Portfolio and Market Review 1st Quarter 2022

Portfolio and Market Review 1st Quarter 2022 Source: Betafolio (2022) The year stared with renewed optimism. The pandemic was for most,... Read More

Do we need financial health checks?

Most people recognise the need to have regular medical check-ups. And, as we go through life, what we need…

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Wizard of Oz

A lesson in investing from The Wizard of Oz

Financial advisers don’t possess magical powers. But they can play a crucial role in helping you achieve your investment…

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Wellbeing in retirement

Investing for retirement isn’t just about money

As financial planners, we at RockWealth are responsible for ensuring that our clients are financially secure. Having a good…

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Mutual funds: What you don’t understand will cost you

Index funds are meant to be simple. That is a large part of their appeal. If you are just buying…

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Don’t let the markets stop you sleeping

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the global equity markets have endured a challenging start to the year….

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Are you swayed by the endowment effect?

An important way in which a good financial planner adds value is in recognising, and pointing out, a client’s…

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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Don’t Let Russia Invade Your Investment Portfolio

Ukraine-Russia Conflict “In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers” Reports have…

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These three actions will help you break the money shame spiral

There is a reason that many people who have many problems don’t do anything to fix them. It comes down…

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Four key points about January’s market mayhem

It won’t have escaped your notice that global financial markets have had a turbulent start to the year. Despite the best…

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What is Britain’s best hotel chain?

Which? has announced the results of its latest annual survey of UK hotel chains. Crowne Plaza, Sofitel and Radisson…

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Global warming is another reason to avoid bitcoin

Here at RockWealth, we are not big fans of bitcoin, or indeed cryptocurrencies generally. There are several reasons why….

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Portfolio and Market Review 4th Quarter 2021

Portfolio and Market Review 4th Quarter 2021 Inflation: Transitory No More? January Woes January is my least favourite month; indeed, the... Read More

In the spotlight: Ed Blackett, RockWealth Cheltenham

RockWealth Cheltenham is pleased to announce a new addition to the team — financial planner Ed Blackett. We catch up with…

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Three reasons to talk to your kids about money sooner rather than later

Talking about money is hard. For some people it is more taboo than talking about sex. But parents who shy…

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How to live a regret-free life

Imagining yourself on your deathbed probably won’t fill you with much enthusiasm. Me neither. But please bear with me,…

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New Year

Don’t waste your most valuable asset

“It is not that we have a short time, but that we waste so much of it.” Seneca, The…

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It’s time to challenge our black-and-white thinking

Black and white may be fine for zebra crossings, primitive TVs and classic Hollywood films. But when it comes…

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Men and women

What makes men and women different as investors

When it comes to investing, we are all at risk of making decisions that may not be in our…

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successful investing

7 timeless principles of successful investing

There’s a constant temptation for investors to focus on the latest fads and developments. After all, that’s what the financial media…

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See the world as successful people do

If the eye is the lamp of the body, it can light the way to all manner of…

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How to be less busy but more productive

So you think that working all hours is the secret to professional success? It may be time to put…

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Logical, rational

What was the last rational investment decision you made?

For nearly two decades, a debate has been going on in the world of sports psychology. The question is whether…

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Dan Boden, financial planner, RockWealth Cheltenham

Introducing Dan Boden

RockWealth Cheltenham is pleased to announce a new addition to the team — financial planner DAN BODEN. Dan arrives…

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Wave_Nathan Dumlao

Four ways to future-proof your business

A virus that kills millions. Sudden shifts in demand that leave traditional products on the shelf. War in the…

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Everything you need to know about the 2021 Autumn Budget

“Employment is up, investment is growing, public services are improving, the public finances are stabilising, and wages are rising.” This is…

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Life planning entails difficult choices

Four thousand weeks. That’s about the length of time that people in the developed world can, on average,…

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Portfolio and Market Review 3rd Quarter 2021

Portfolio and Market Review 3rd Quarter 2021 What do clients gain from professional advice? Spotify blessed me with the classic 1980s... Read More

How can you get investment clarity?

In today’s world, there is a lot of black-or-white thinking going on. There are many areas where it seems you only…

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Humility is a virtue in investing

The financial pages stress the importance of conviction in investing. Fortunes are made, we’re told, by those who have…

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Financial planning helps you roll with the punches

Financial planning helps you roll with the punches

Life is messy. Just when you think you have it sorted out, something comes along that forces a complete…

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6 easy and environmentally friendly ways to update and refresh your home

As time passes, our homes sometimes need a bit of updating or a little refresh. If you fancy making some changes…

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thematic funds

Invest for your goals, not for the headlines

It seems that one of the biggest themes in the investment world at the moment is, well, themes. Across both…

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Holiday homes

The down side of owning a holiday home

Before the pandemic, around half a million UK households owned a second home — and the number is expected to grow now…

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RockWealth Cheltenham has achieved Carbon Neutral Plus status by reducing and offsetting its emissions. Here's how your company can too.

Carbon Neutral Plus status for RockWealth Cheltenham

RockWealth Cheltenham has achieved Carbon Neutral Plus status by reducing and offsetting its emissions. Here’s how your company can too.  …

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Experience fine dining at its best with one of these Michelin star restaurants

After all the trials and tribulations of the last 18 months, many of us have been left feeling in need of…

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To improve your financial wellbeing, shift the way you think

According to the Aegon Financial Wellbeing Index published in the UK last month, roughly 40% of people in middle and higher…

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What will your legacy be?

By ROBIN POWELL   I took the decision to reduce my working hours for two months over the summer,…

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SoGlos co-founders Michelle Fyrne and James Fyrne

Saluting Gloucestershire’s CSR heroes

As a firm, RockWealth takes corporate social responsibility seriously. We don’t just talk about it; we back up words…

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7 outdoor theatres where you can see great shows this summer

There’s nothing quite like the magic of theatre to nurture the soul. The heightened sense of anticipation as you settle in…

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Dividend ETFs are not created equal

Investors looking for income at the moment are in a tough spot. The UK 10-year government bond is yielding just 0.7%….

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Day trading

Day trading — another fad to ignore

Coronavirus has not just sparked a revolution in working from home. It has also triggered a significant upsurge in people trading…

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