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    Not all firms charge for their services in the same way.

    We offer a variety of payment methods by which we can be remunerated so that you can select the method that best suits your needs.


Our fees are based upon the time required to provide the advice and service to you, the level of expertise and responsibility involved supporting the advice you receive.

Our advice process is made up of clear steps, mirrored in our fee structure, to ensure complete transparency and objectivity at every stage of our on-going relationship with you. To reinforce that transparency, we are committed to a fee-paying advice model. That means you will always know what our service will cost you.

We will not charge you anything until we have agreed how you choose to pay us.


“We have known Mark for almost ten years.  He is a caring and attentive person, always willing to challenge and encourage us: we really could not wish for better individual and professional support.

He has guided us very successfully in the management of three Trusts we set up for our family and helped transition our wider financial affairs from a position of complexity and excessive costs to one of elegant simplicity and much lower associated costs. This has given us both much valued peace of mind and confidence in the future for us and our family.”

Keith and Heather Tarling

Ongoing Service

For the fourth stage — ongoing coaching and planning — we divide
our clients into three price bands.

How much you pay each year within those bands depends on
a combination of value added, complexity and time.

The price bands are as follows:

  • Wealth accumulators
  • Those in retirement
  • High-net-worth individuals with complex finances
For those with smaller portfolios, percentage fees can work out cheaper.  If that applies in your case, you will have that option.  
But the vast majority of our clients will be better off with fixed fees.
To see the substantial savings you can make compared to 
paying percentage fees, watch these videos:

financial advice

Compare us with other IFAs and wealth managers

We are sometimes asked how our fees compare with those of our competitors. We expect neither to be the cheapest nor the most expensive.

For example if we charged an implementation fee of £2,500 we would expect to be cheaper than many of our peers if they charge 3% for an investment of £83,334 or more.

Many IFAs and restricted advisers do not charge separately for the advice and implementation, but bundle the price together which you only pay if you buy an investment, pension or protection product. Only you can decide if this is truly independent advice and right for you.

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