The Big Questions

Most financial advisers talk about goals, and yes, financial goals are important.

But the problem with goals, in our experience, is that most people don’t actually know what their goals are.


Life is so hectic that they don’t take time to consider the questions that really matter:

How much satisfaction do you gain from work?
What in life do you value most?
Who would you like to spend more time with?
What would you like to spend more time doing?
How do you want to be remembered?
Is there something else in life you would really like to accomplish?

We have, in short, a single goal. It’s to help each and every one of our clients to lead fulfilling lives.

Most people come to us with some sort of money-related problem. Some are looking for help with tax or estate planning, others want advice on whether to transfer out of a company pension scheme. Many of them are starting to think about retirement and wondering how much money they’re going to need.

Let’s be clear. All of these issues are very important. But even more crucial is finding out what they really want from life. It’s only when we know them, what they value most and where they’re trying to get to that we’ve earned the right to talk about their money.

That’s why everything we do is designed to help our clients to lead the lives they truly want to and enjoy the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from realising their hopes and dreams.

We have, in short, a single goal. It’s to help each and every one of our clients to lead fulfilling lives.


“The world of pensions and investments is a minefield and one which we shied away from for too long – Rachel and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Matt who managed to make the very complicated and confusing topic actually really easy to understand.

We like numbers and have a fair understanding of the world markets but what Matt managed to do was to be able to switch from ‘technical speak’ to come down to our level and put it into plain English with a visual explanation – this is a skill and one which made us comfortable in knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

We have no hesitation in recommending RockWealth and we feel secure in the fact that we have professionals looking after our hard earned cash who are able to talk to us and encourage us to think about life and what we want to get out of it.”

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